How to Reignite the Flame in Your Marriage

It doesn’t matter if you have been married for ten months or ten years, it is normal for the flame of love and passion to weaken over time, but when you add certain “elements” to the relationship, it can reignite the fire between you. The truth is everything is exciting at the beginning of a relationship – it’s all new, after all. But, as you get more comfortable with one another and your relationship becomes “routine,” boredom and indifference can set in… Unless, you take steps to prevent it. Your marriage doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be “ritualized.” No, you can keep the passion sizzling between you with a little extra TLC.

Listed below are ways you can reignite the flame in your marriage:


If you want to get the fire burning in your relationship, you will need to re-connect with one another. What does that look like? Well, it could be as simple as drinking coffee or tea in the mornings or eating breakfast together, while you talk about your upcoming day.

Or, checking-in with one another in the evenings by eating dinner together and sharing your “highs” and “lows” from the day. The goal is to let your spouse know that you are there to listen and that you want to be involved in their life.

Kissing & Hugging When You Reunite

Jumpstart the passion in your relationship by kissing and hugging when you reunite. In other words, when you come home from work, greet your spouse with a kiss and hug to let them know you missed him/her. But, you shouldn’t just do this when they come home from work – do it any time you separate and reunite.

Even if it’s something simple like coming home from running separate errands, running down the street to get gas, coming back from a friend’s or relative’s home or event, or even coming back in from taking your four-legged baby for a walk. It doesn’t have to be extensive or drawn-out because the aim is to show affection to one another.

Getting “Handsy”

What does getting “handsy” even mean? Well, it means holding hands. Now, you can add other “elements” into the mix like hugging, kissing, and caressing to “spice up” the marriage. These simple gestures can go a long way in re-sparking the love and sexual chemistry in your relationship. How? Well, physical stimulation of any kind can trigger your body’s release of oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone.

As a result, you are calmer and in a better mood. It’s the same hormone that is released during an orgasm, according to studies. Another added benefit to physically touching? A reduction in stress, and as we all know, less stress can lead to more sizzle.

Changing It Up!

The truth is it’s easy to get in a rut when you’ve been with someone for a long time. You get married and get immersed in a daily routine. Then, the kids come along, and while that routine shifts, it’s still just a routine. The result? Being stuck in the same old thing day in and day out. Snooze.

There’s nothing worse, for most, than being stuck in a life of unending predictability. However, that doesn’t have to be your life. No, you can add some excitement to your marriage, just by changing it up – your life, yourself, your activities, your behavior, your marriage, your routines, and the sex, of course. In other words, break your routine and try something new!

For instance, if you typically do your chores and run errands – grocery shopping, on Sundays, use this day to do something fun with your spouse. Find a babysitter, if you have children, and do something together like go to church, explore a museum, go downtown and partake in the festivities, go see a movie you’ve been wanting to see, grab lunch at your favorite restaurant and talk about your future goals, volunteer at an animal shelter, go get couples massages, workout together, etc. Basically, take in the sights in your city.

Or, be spontaneous and do something you’ve talked about a thousand times, but never did like signing up for a painting or cooking class, or going horseback riding or skydiving. The thing you don’t want to do is become complacent. Why not? Because it can quickly dim the sparkle in your relationship.

Keep in mind that changing it up can also refer to sex. Sex can get pretty humdrum if it’s performed the same way all of the time. For instance, if you are always the one to initiate sex, let your partner initiate it the next time. Or, if you have a go-to position, try a new one.

Remember, the goal is to reignite the flame in your marriage – so go for it! Think outside-of-the box and make magic again in the bedroom. There’s no need to be bashful – you’re married, after all!


Be honest, when was the last time you surprised your spouse or vice versa? Last week, last year, or ten years ago? Well, if you can’t remember the last time you and your spouse were surprised by each other, it’s long overdue. If you want the fire burning again in your relationship, send your partner a sexy text message or picture, while he/she is at work.

Note: Don’t send anything too racy to his/her phone because you don’t know who will be around him/her when he/she opens it up. So, keep it sexy, but PG-13. Use code words and emojis to get your point across. And, snap a picture of yourself in a sexy outfit or send a picture of you showing off your best assets – i.e. your lips, abs, legs, feet, eyes, smile, dimples, etc. Sexy doesn’t have to mean naked.

Think about how it used to make you feel to get those sweet and sexy texts and pictures when you first started dating. Well, even if you don’t get them as much anymore, you can re-spark the fire in your marriage simply by re-starting this sexy game of cat-and-mouse.

Ditching Your Electronics

Have you ever thought about ditching your electronics for an hour or two a day? How about when you get home from work? Well, an excellent way for you to reignite the fire in your marriage is to free yourselves from distractions, and yes, I mean electronics – all electronics. So, do yourself and your relationship a favor and silence your smartphone, put away your tablet, and turn off the television.

Your favorite sitcom can wait. That juicy text from your BFF can wait. But, your relationship cannot. Choose to spend time with your spouse instead – talking, laughing, figuring things out, touching, and just being together.

Go on a romantic date, play UNO or charades together, sit on the front porch, rocking and sipping on your favorite hot beverage, cuddle in bed while talking about the future and remembering the past. Let your fascination or obsession with being connected to the world go, so you can reconnect with your partner.

Get Your Sexual Mojo Back

Mojo? Wait…what? Yes, you can’t reignite the flame without it. The truth is having a healthy and active sex life is important in a marriage. Therefore, it is vital that you carve out time to have sex on a regular basis. Don’t, however, pressure your spouse into having sex when he/she really doesn’t want to, because that will lead to a disaster.

Sex has to be mutual for it to be enjoyable. So, if one partner doesn’t feel up to the task that night, skip it. I know, it’s rough, but your spouse will appreciate your consideration and patience, which ultimately push him/her closer to you. Lastly, don’t be bashful in the bedroom – you’re married and sex is supposed to be fun – not an obligatory function of marriage.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

When the passion starts to simmer down in your marriage, take a stroll down memory lane. In other words revisit the past. Think about your history together. Recall your happiest and funniest moments.

Think about what first drew you to your partner. Was it his/her smile or laugh? Was it the twinkle in his/her eye or the cute way he/she ate pasta on your date? Or, was it something super sweet like saving up to get you a piece of jewelry or take you on a fancy or fun date? Think about how all of that made you feel.

How did your spouse used to touch, hold and kiss you? Do they still do that today? If not, write down things you used to do to each other that you enjoyed and start doing them again.

Also, start revisiting places you used to go when you were dating – i.e. the old pizza joint, the park to feed the ducks, on a romantic dinner where you got all gussied up, out for ice cream or coffee, to the beach, to ball games, bowling, putt-putting, the movies, etc. And, while there hold hands, smooch, snuggle, and be affectionate. Who cares who is watching – this is about you and your spouse.


Sounds simple, but communication woes is the number one cause of marital dissatisfaction. It can be challenging to navigate how to communicate with your spouse, especially, when it’s a difficult topic. I get it. But, it’s necessary, if you want to have a healthy and happy marriage. Marriage takes work – a lot of work. And, sometimes is blissful and sometimes it’s hard – really hard.

Most of the time, however, it’s worth the effort. But, nothing will get resolved if you never talk to one another. I don’t mean just talking about the easy and neat things, but the challenging and messy ones too. So, if you have concerns, talk to your spouse about it, and encourage him/her to talk to you about theirs.

Nothing will get “fixed,” if it stays hidden. And, the longer you avoid talking, the more damage it will do to your relationship.

Planning a Romantic Getaway – Without the Kids

When was the last time you snuck away – just the two of you without your kids? I bet it’s been a while, right? Well, if the flame in your relationship is dying a slow death, consider saving up and going on a romantic getaway – out of your city or state. It can be a weekend or a week; it doesn’t matter.

The aim is to help you reconnect – mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. Honestly, spending some quality time away from work, routines, kids, and the daily stresses of life can work wonders in your bland marriage. Even just one night together – alone in a hotel – can help refresh yourselves and your marriage.

Seeking Help

Seeking helps sounds so daunting, doesn’t it? Well, just because you need reinforcements in your relationship doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or your spouse. We all need extra support from time-to-time. It’s normal and healthy. And, you don’t always have to be stuck in couples counseling.

Many times, it just means talking to someone about what’s happening with you, your spouse, and in your marriage. One way you can do this is by attending a marriage retreat. The best thing about these events is that they are relaxing and fun! Yes, fun!

It’s a good way talk about any issues with relationship experts in a calm and steady environment – minus the daily stresses and distractions back home. The goal is to provide support to you and your spouse, so you can reignite the flame in your relationship. It’s kind of like a working vacation. Not too bad, right?

And, the best part about it is that you get to leave with a toolbox of valuable “relationship tools” – i.e. healthy coping mechanisms, conflict-resolution strategies, stress management/relaxation techniques, better communication, and newfound appreciation for each other. Basically, all the

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10 Sex Tips To Improve Sexual Intimacy According to A Marriage Counselor

Maybe you’ve just said “I do” and walked down the aisle or maybe you’ve been married for ten years. Either way, you are set to spend the rest of your life with your significant other, which includes a lifetime of sex as well. Not surprising, sex can be a sensitive topic that causes couples to tread lightly.

Both parties have specific preferences and desires when it comes to intimacy. Certain insecurities can arise when thinking about sex that are uncomfortable to address but that can interfere with a healthy sex life. No matter where you fall on the spectrum in your marriage, just know that nothing is set in stone. Sex can be continuously improved in marriage.

10 Sex Tips to Improve Marital Intimacy

This article will help you lay a foundation for sexual fun and union with your spouse that will get better over time.

1. Sex is Not the Point of Marriage

If you have a one-track mind that is constantly thinking about sex, you could run into problems in your marriage. Sex is a manifestation of your love for each other. “Sex should never be just a physical rush, but a tender, passionate connection. Without the playful, loving companionship, sex becomes another buzz that loses its perspective and has increasingly diminishing returns.”

If your marriage is crumbling, chances are your sex life is too. It’s hard to be intimate with someone who isn’t putting the marriage first. The more couples work to strengthen their marriage, the better their sex life can become. When two people feel cherished and respected, their sex life will reflect that.

2. Make it Fun

Sex doesn’t have to be monotonous or even seductive all the time. Sex is often best enjoyed while being silly and playful. Cracking an appropriate joke takes the pressure off the act, lowers your guard and allows those insecurities to decrease.

When a flair of fun is present, it’s easier to try something new without feeling like you have to get it right at first. You experience a deeper level of freedom by incorporating elements of fun into the bedroom. Turn a game of hide-and-seek into foreplay. Get creative and see where it leads you.

3. Learn Something

Talk to your spouse to uncover what he or she truly wants during sex. If your spouse doesn’t know you can ask more detailed questions. Did you like when I did X? How did you feel when we did Z last night? Sex is a two-way street, but you might be shocked to find out a lot of couples don’t consider what feels good to their spouse.

On that same note, learn what you like too so that you can express that to your spouse. You can’t make suggestions unless you know what turns you on. Don’t be shy to try new positions, angles or techniques until you find what works best for you. Sex is designed to be explored, specifically in the context of marriage. And how can you know what truly brings you the most pleasure unless you know a little something about sex?

4. Give Your Bodies a Break

Although we are all born naked, not everybody is comfortable being naked. Media and culture define beauty and dictate how a body should look. A magazine will quickly tell you how you aren’t good enough. It’s up to you to silence the noise in your head and give your body the love it deserves.

READ: This is what an ideal woman’s body should look like

Take time to praise different parts of your body instead of speaking negatively over your body. Once you accept your body that translates into assertiveness in the bedroom. Focus on being intimate with your spouse and enjoying the time in the bedroom with each other.

Don’t hold yourself, or your spouse, to some impossible standard. Focusing on what you want to fix about them won’t make you any happier. Criticism isn’t normally a turn-on for people. If you expect your spouse to love you for who you are, you should extend the same love to him. Build up your spouse in the bedroom by affirming and accepting each other.

5. Communication is the Key

Your spouse lacks the power to read your mind. No matter how long you’ve been married. Talking about sexual preferences might make you uncomfortable, especially if you grew up in the church. Don’t be afraid to communicate before, during, and after sex.

Let your spouse know when something he or she is doing feels good. Share when you are feeling hesitant about a certain technique. What sounds like fun to you? Is there something you have been desiring to try but are too self conscious to bring it up? Communication is key to a successful sex life.

6. Get Creative

I know we briefly touched on this earlier in the article, but let’s dig a little deeper. Take the time to prepare a novel experience for you two. Add some romance to your sex life by lighting some candles, putting rose petals on the bed and buying some massage oil to help your spouse relax and unwind.

It might sound like a cheesy romance, but most spouses love any type of effort to add creativity to the bedroom. Does your husband like video games or superheroes? Buy a superhero costume and surprise your husband. A sexual surprise works wonders to boost your sex life.

7. Make Time for Sex

Are you too busy for sex? Depending on what stage of life you are in, it could be difficult to make time for sex. Maybe you are both juggling work, kids and trying to pay down debt. Some days you just want to make it to the bed in one piece after scraping baby puke off your shirt.

Some couples put sex on the calendar and make it a priority. It might sound too structured, but sex can be easily put on the back burner if you are stressed or overworked. It also helps to know when you feel more sexual.

Maybe you prefer mornings when you are still fresh or the evening when you can relax through a time of intimacy. You don’t need to make it a regimented act, but when the week gets busy it can give you both something to look forward to by having sex on the calendar.

8. Be Romantic

Romance begins way before you enter the bedroom. When you genuinely know your partner, you can create moments for romance. Does your wife like sweet notes to be scattered around the house? Write a sweet note and tape it to the coffee machine. Does she like to enjoy the great outdoors? Create a picnic and pick the best trail to enjoy your lunch.

Does your husband like to talk about his business? Praise him for a recent successful business deal and ask him to tell you how he managed to secure the sale. Does your husband enjoy watching sports? Buy his favorite player’s jersey and ask him to catch a game with you. Bonus points if you make his favorite meal.

9. Naked and Unashamed

Because sex outside of marriage, is not a part of God’s design, most Christians grow up believing sex is dirty. It takes time to rewire the brain to believe sex inside of the marriage covenant can be exhilarating and wild. Just as you shouldn’t be ashamed of one another, don’t be ashamed of sex. God designed sex and Song of Solomon shows this love on display.

My beloved is mine and I am his; he browses among the lilies. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, turn my beloved, and be like a gazelle or like a young stag on the rugged hills. – Song of Solomon 2:16-17

The couple in Song of Solomon doesn’t view sex as just a way to procreate, but as a way to deepen intimacy with each other. This couple was enjoying their physical union until dawn.

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth: A loving doe, a graceful fawn – may her breasts satisfy you always; may you be captivated by her love forever. – Proverbs 5:18-19

Our bodies are meant to be given to each other. Sex doesn’t have to be boring, but excitement can be infused through intimacy.

10. Make Intimacy Intimate

Learn to be vulnerable and affectionate with your spouse. Sex isn’t just about the physical, but emotional aspects too. Sex can be a time to show your partner how you feel about them. Express what you love about your spouse and why you desire to have greater intimacy.

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5 Best Sex Toys to Use with Your Partner

Sex toys are generally all aids and items that can be used for sexual stimulation and / or satisfaction. However, that is a broad definition that also carries a lot of danger. Everyone knows the horror stories of experimental men and vacuum cleaners, which end with painful and highly distressing injuries. Here you could also speak of a sex toy. But you should desist from such a thing and rely only on sex toys, which were made especially for it and by professional providers are sold.

But even with this restriction, there is still an almost huge selection of Sex Toys. From masturbators like dildos and artificial vaginas or the so-called sex dolls for masturbation, over strap-on, restraints to massage oils, lubricants and condoms- all this is one of the sex toys. There are also best ropes for anal hooks are available.

Sex toys or sex toys have been around for a long time. For example, ancient vases are used to portray rites that use a variety of toys. Only they were not known under the name Sex Toys, but often disguised as “aids” and offered in the “shop for marital hygiene.” The name sex shop or erotic business or similar did not come into question at that time. Fortunately, times are changing and you can now call things by name without looking the other way.

TV series such as “Sex and the City”, many art house films but also every second Goethe performance in the theater or many commercials show that one is now more open with sex. Sexuality does not need to be hidden nowadays. Maybe you should not just talk about your porn DVD collection at the board meeting and not discuss your BDSM preferences with other parents in kindergarten – unless the other parents share your views. But having a vibrator, a couple of love balls, a whip for those games, a penis pump, or exotic massage oils at home is not really bad anymore. Proper hygiene is not allowed to find dingy, spoiled or dirty sex toys.

The prejudices that make masturbation blind, the use of dildos to rheumatism or even spinal cord shrinkage and what was not all for nonsense circulated, are scientifically refuted. However, there are also some things to note: As mentioned Sex Toys are not harmful to health (quite the contrary – an active sex life can even promote good health), but this applies only to quality products and not for home-made dildos or nipple clamps or the like. People come up with the craziest ideas and sometimes end up very painful.

Buying Sex Toys from different sources

Buy from dealers whose quality you trust and inform you. Incidentally, this can even end in couples quite tingling, even if you do not dare to a sex shop, but rather use the convenient and anonymous online store.

So Sex Toys are neither dingy, nor perverted, nor unhealthy – so there is no reason to do without it. Some people’s argument that they have a fulfilling sex life without any accessories, aids, or toys is just a fake argument. Because why should not you want to do something good even better whether alone or as a couple. This is exactly what the toys can do – to gain new nuances, new kick, and new intensity – for lovemaking. For example, with a penis ring for him, which strengthens his stamina or a vibrator for her or for mutual stimulation during foreplay? The massage oil and the scented candles for the romantic mood, the condom for security, also the shackles for enthralling love games, the baby doll that she wears to really give him a break, the penis pump gets the maximum out of it – with training effect! – The leather mask, for the more bizarre love games.

Magic X offers the full range of high-quality and affordable sex toys, lingerie, movies, books – all to make the love life even more exciting. Surf through our online shop or visit one of our large branches for personal advice.

Probably the biggest erotic dealer is undoubtedly Magic X. There you get for comparatively little money a huge, almost unmanageable offer of erotic products.

Sex toys still have something dis-receptive about them. Video blogger Stephanie Tresch finds this stupid. So you do not have to buy the cat in a poke, she unpacks the We-Vibe Sync for you and gives advice for use.

So that the sex is also beautiful in long-distance relationships for both, there are things like the We-Vibe. The device can be controlled not only locally but also via app. But the fact is that the We-Vibe Sync can be operated in three places: on the vibrator itself, on the supplied remote control or via app for Apple iOS and Google Android. You can set the two clip sides of the U-shaped vibrator separately. Just as you like it.

What should be considered when using Analgesic plugs?

Since the anus is by far not as stretchy as the vagina, when using butt plugs caution and empathy is required so that it does not cause pain or even injury. A special lubricant is certainly helpful in this context.

Also to be considered are hygiene rules that apply to any type of sex toys, i.e. thorough cleaning and disinfection after use. If the anal plug is used by changing sexual partners, the use of an anal condom is definitely advisable in order to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Can the use of an anal plug be dangerous?

Butt plugs used with caution, a risk of injury is rather low. Since it is a sensitive body region, anal plugs should be used wisely, especially if the couple is still inexperienced and inexperienced with this technique. Injuries should definitely be avoided, because once it comes to a doctor’s visit is as unpleasant as inevitable and the healing may take some time.

Where can I buy a butt plug?

Anal plugs can be purchased at local sex shops as well as from online retailers, with a wide choice of models in terms of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. In fact, this is the kind of sex toy and the first thing I bought from LP.

For whom are anal plugs suitable?

As mentioned earlier, butt plugs are used by both women and men as they serve sexual stimulation as well as preparing for anal intercourse. Their employment is therefore practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. In general, anal plugs are flexible because they are used not only for anal intercourse but also in the context of vaginal intercourse or even oral intercourse.

In principle, Butt plug are therefore suitable for everyone, but it is important that both partners agree with the use and sensitively deal with this sex toy.

Are there any limitations or concerns with the application?

There are no restrictions on use, but inexperienced butt plugs should be used wisely, as both partners must first familiarize themselves with the use. Both should of course agree with this practice. As an accessory, a special lubricant is recommended.

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5 Marital Benefits of Marriage Counseling

There are people who stay in an unhappy marriage until the resentment builds and they feel they have no choice but to divorce. They don’t voice their unhappiness, they go with the flow hoping something will change and the problems will be instantly solved. Then there are those who try with everything they have to make the marriage work before they leave. These people are problem-solvers who feel they owe it to the marriage to try to reach some resolution before they throw in the towel.

The one thing both have in common is that they rarely go to marriage counseling. Very few people take advantage of marriage counseling before deciding to divorce; this is likely due to societal preconceptions about who needs therapy and what it may lead others to think. When your relationship is on the line, though, no one’s opinion matters more than that of you and your partner. And by working with a professional, you may actually find that your voice is strong and worth listening to.

Maintaining a marriage and solving problems within the marriage takes skills. Relationship skills that few of us are naturally equipped with. We may think we are doing all we can to solve the problems in a marriage but, a marriage counselor can be of great benefit in teaching us new ways of solving problems and getting our needs met.

5 Benefits of Marriage Counseling

  1. You will learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. Marriage counseling will equip you with communication skills that will help you not only listen to your spouse but, to also process what your spouse is saying.

  2. You will learn how to communicate more effectively. When you voice your needs clearly and openly without resentment or anger, your marriage will prosper.

  3. You will learn how to be assertive without being offensive. Both spouses need to be able to talk about their issues without fear of hurting the other spouse. In marriage counseling, you will learn that you can get what you need without having to make demands and engage in conflict.

  4. You will learn to process and work through unresolved issues. Marriage counseling offers a safe environment for expressing any unhappiness you feel. Getting your feelings out into the open with the help of a trained professional may be all you need. You may find that your spouse is more than willing to work together to solve the problems in the marriage. You may also find that your spouse is unwilling to do the work. If so, you are then free to leave the marriage without any guilt because you have given it your best shot.

  5. You will develop a deeper understanding of who your spouse is and what their needs are. Better yet, you will learn more about yourself and your own needs. You may end up finding that those needs can be met inside the marriage or you may not.

Relationship skills needed to maintain a fulfilling marriage could be learned. A marriage counselor can teach you those skills while monitoring your progress, mediating conflict and giving objective feedback.

If you wait too long to seek marriage counseling the odds are against you. Even if you feel it is too late and no amount of counseling will help the only way to know for sure is to seek professional help. Doing so will keep you from making a mistake you will later regret. If you are thinking about divorce, protect yourself from future regret by working with a marriage counselor.

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Top 4 Anal Sex Toys and How to Use Them

Butt plug and chafing is one of the most popular sex toys, and on the other hand is one of the most delicate. Cork is considered the best choice for beginners and for those who are already experienced. There are a number of tips that will simplify getting used to the toy and allow you to get maximum pleasure even to the most unsophisticated person in such matters.


The anal opening by the nature for sex is not intended; therefore it does not allocate the greasing. Accordingly, in order to get the maximum pleasure, it is recommended to get a lubricant. Especially when you’re banging dolls or a sex robot if you like. If you lubricate the working surface of the cork with a special lubricant and do not forget to add it directly to the anus, then there will be much more pleasant sensations, and most importantly, the cork will be much easier to insert. The use of lubricant significantly reduces pain and the risk of micro cracks and micro traumas.


It is very important to follow the rules of not only personal hygiene, but also the hygiene of toys. Since not everyone likes and is comfortable to do the clipping before using the toy, it is necessary to wash it regularly and process it either with a special toy cleaner. You can also put a condom on the cork.


The most important thing is not to rush. It is necessary to introduce and remove the anal plug with extreme caution and in no case do it abruptly, since a sharp expansion of the sphincter muscles can lead to micro cracks and even tears. The anal plug should be inserted smoothly and gradually, preferably using a lubricant. It is not necessary to immediately introduce it completely; you can do it in several steps so that the body has time to get used to the presence of a foreign object.

Cork as decoration

A number of anal plugs suitable for permanent wear. The toy with constant wear is not only a peculiar decoration, but also works as a simulator for the muscles of the anus, relaxing and preparing them for safe and pleasant anal sex. The main thing is not to forget about the rules of hygiene!

Pose selection

The most comfortable posture is the so-called “knee-elbow” – when you are on all fours with slightly spread legs. However, do not forget about the variety – you can try to lie on your back, put a small pillow under the tail bone and spread your legs wide. By the way, this position is suitable not only for the introduction of the anal plug, but also for anal sex. And another option is to squat. In all three poses there will be completely different sensations, so we advise you to try everything!

Butt plug – is one of the most delicate sex toys to stimulate the anus. That is why this device is considered the best choice for beginners in anal pleasures. However, even such a simple and safe toy must be properly used.

Butt plug – terms of use: There are a number of recommendations, following which you can learn to use the butt plug with maximum safety and efficiency. Let’s get acquainted with some very useful tips that will be useful to all ladies who are not experienced in anal toys. But first, you need to secure yourself with butt plugs such as these.

  1. Lubrication.

Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot secrete a natural lubricant. Yes, it is not surprising, because this physiological hole is not provided for the introduction of anything into it. Thus, if a girl still wants to get pleasure from anal stimulation, then she also needs to get a lubricant. Having treated the working surface of the anal plug with a special lubricant, a woman can easily insert a toy from her anus and without any unpleasant sensations. If the use of grease is rejected, even the penetration of such a delicate toy as an anal plug can cause extremely unpleasant sensations and even micro trauma.

  1. Caution.

As already mentioned, the anus is not provided for the penetration into it of any objects. Therefore, when introducing the anal plug and when removing it, care must be taken. Most importantly, do not accelerate their movements and act smoothly and measured. The plan is this: first, we introduce the anal plug just a couple of centimeters and let it jump out by itself, gradually introducing the plug all the time, deeper and deeper – let the body get used to the foreign body.

  1. Without restrictions

Butt plugs of all models are designed for prolonged use and not only in the shower or bed. In order to enjoy as long as possible, a girl cannot take a toy out of herself, even doing household chores, walking, etc. The benefit of the device is completely unnoticeable under the clothes. In addition, often the butt plug is used as the first simulator for the development of the anus before anal sex. And for the maximum effect of such exercises, a woman should spend as much time with this toy as possible. After all, butt plug not only brings pleasant sensations, but also relaxes the anus. Therefore, the introduction into it of the penis after a long use of the device will be much easier.

  1. Pose is our everything

The choice is yours, but the following three poses are traditionally convenient: On all fours (doggie style); Lying on your back with legs apart, under the back we put a small pillow; Squatting.

  1. Hygiene

The main thing to ensure clean, clean after each use and it is better to disinfect. For those who especially care about their health – a banal condom. Put it on the stopper and stay healthy.

More information about how to use butt plugs is available here.

Do not put yourself in both holes

No matter how much you’ve prepared your anal, the anus and rectum certainly contain bacteria that have nothing to look for in the vagina. In porn, tongues, toys and penis go out of one hole and enter the other, but in real life, such a thing can cause an infection. If something goes into the bottom, first wash and then use it in other situations.

Do not forget about hugs

Anal sex can be an intense experience, especially if your partner is a beginner, so do not forget to pay much attention and care.

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A Complete Guide to Choosing Your First Anal Vibrator

Before you ask yourself, which vibrator should become your new favorite toy, you should be clear, where you are most stimulated. You have the choice of four different types of vibrators, each of which is particularly well suited for specific body regions. These are your four categories:

Clitoral stimulation

Many women find their clitoris to be particularly pleasurable; most vibrators have their own function for the clitoris. However, there are also Love Toys, which are primarily intended for the direct stimulation of the clitoris. These stimulators are usually small, handy and ergonomically shaped. So you can just put them on the clitoris and let them unfold their magic there. Stimulators usually have different vibration levels and programs and are usually pleasantly quiet.

Only the best for your clitoris

Can you feel the vibes? A good stimulator focuses entirely on your clitoris. There are very many nerve endings together, so it is a particularly sensitive hotspot. Targeted stimulation of the clitoris often lets you feel your climax very intensively and for a long time. A good vibrator pampers your clitoris specifically with fine, intense vibrations.

Stimulator or vibrator – what is what?

Stimulators or massagers are more suitable for external use. You can use your massager not only for your intimate area, but also for general relaxation of the entire body for example, a pleasant massage between the shoulder blades.

The classic vibrator is shaped so that it can be inserted into the vagina. At the same time, it can also be applied externally. But you just lead him over your clitoris and enjoy the electronic pats. For the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, a rabbit vibrator is the toy of your choice. A Rabbit is a vibrator for insertion, with a small extra attachment for external stimulation of your clitoris.

Vaginal stimulation

The fact that the stimulation of the clitoris is perceived as particularly intense and pleasant does not mean that you should limit yourself to it. If you also enjoy the stimulation of your vagina, then a dildo or a vibrator is the toy of your choice. Particularly exciting could be a G-spot stimulator. This stimulator has a slight curvature that easily reaches your hotspot. For vaginal stimulation, you should pay particular attention to the size of your Love Toys – the choice depends entirely on your personal preferences.

The best vibrators for vaginal stimulation

You can divide love toys to stimulate the vagina in three main categories: classic vibrators, rod vibrators and lifelike vibrators or dildos. They are all best suited for vaginal stimulation. If you prefer additional stimulation of the clitoris, you should get a rabbit vibrator.

G-spot stimulation

Many women experience orgasms most intensely through clitoral stimulation. However, it can be very nice to additionally stimulate the vagina because you can also reach your G-spot, whose stimulation can lead to very intense climaxes. With a G-spot vibrator you have an easy game.

G-spot vibrators

The G point is approximately 5 cm beyond the vaginal entrance on the front wall of the vagina. In principle, you can stimulate it with any vibrator or dildo. With its curved tip, however, a special G-spot vibrator will still be a good match for your anatomy.

Anal stimulation

Not everyone likes it but anal intercourse can be perceived as very intimate and beautiful. In any case, newcomers should carefully approach the subject. Even gentle massaging of the anal area can be very erotic. In the anal area a lot of nerve endings come together. That’s why he’s usually very sensitive and erogenous. For an intense and pleasant stimulation of the anal area different toys are available – for you as well as for him. You should know how to use anal vibrator properly to avoid any mishap.

Vibrators for the Anal breach

Even if you can theoretically use an ordinary vibrator for the anal area, we would advise against it. Anal vibrators are slightly slimmer and can be inserted more gently than normal vibrators. But above all, hygiene plays a big role. Sexologists recommend that you no longer use the Love Toys you used for anal stimulation to stimulate other areas of the body. Take (despite thorough cleaning) rather for each body region own Love Toy – it is simply hygienic.

The classic among the Toys – The vibrator

He is a classic, pioneer and innovation symbol par excellence: The vibrator is one of the must-haves among sex toys. Whether solo or sex with your partner – he is the guarantee for the perfect stimulation and can be rediscovered again and again. If you are in love, you can expect a wide range of vibrators. You can choose between different sizes and equipment variants. Depending on the model, the vibrator is powered by batteries or rechargeable battery.

Always with you – the right size for every wish

A vibrator is an indispensable sex toy that gives you long-lasting pleasure. As individual as your preferences and needs, so large is the variety of shapes and models. Thanks to the large variety of love lust you do not have to go without the right vibrator on the go. Mini vibrator really fits in any handbag. Again, you can discover between different shapes and sizes your favorites. The classic vibrator has a smooth surface. In addition, a straight shape is chosen without additives. If you want to be stimulated additionally, the models with structure are the right choice. The surface is here provided with a striking feel. The vibrator with Rabbit arm can be used to stimulate the clitoris. For couples, they have with the pair vibrator a special vibrator on offer. He provides both with intense stimulation.

Easy search through our filters

In order to find a vibrator that fits perfectly with you, your partner and your wishes, they have facilitated your erotic mailings with filters. So you can, before you look at the individual products, choose the type of toy, but also the form of stimulation. Even the most important features can be defined in advance via the filters. All vibrator models that we have are characterized by an excellent quality. In addition to classic vibrators you will find in our range:

  • Double vibrators
  • Vibrators with stimulating structures
  • Handy mini-vibrators
  • Rabbit vibrators

To know more about Vibrators, go here.

Long enjoy your vibrator

If you use lube, you should make sure that it is water-based. If you also have the right Toy cleaner on hand, then there is nothing in the way of pleasure. If you want to buy a vibrator, then take some time to get to know our diverse product range. Each vibrator we deliver quickly and discreetly to your home. You want to know more about vibrator? Then have a look in adult magazine, there you will find a review about the different vibrator types and their function.

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4 Things to Know When Using Anal Shower

Anal sounds are extremely handy tools for fans of anal sex toys and anal sex. They clean the anus before penetration, ensuring that it is as clean and hygienic as possible. Not only does this guarantee that your games are always clean, it also alleviates any fears or concerns, so you can indulge in the pleasure of being at ease.

Analgesics flush water through the anus, which is then excreted again. So nothing is in the way of clean anal sex! Showers are available in different sizes and shapes, so there is something for everyone. The application is incredibly easy even the first time. You should also know Is it safe to anal douche?

Use of an anal shower

If this is your first anal cleansing, expert recommend that you start with an anal shower, such as bestseller, the Lovehoney basics Anal Shower.

Take the shower out of the packaging and rinse it to make sure it is clean. Then fill the bellows with lukewarm water. To do this, either removes the tip and holds the bellows directly under the faucet, or squeezes the bellows, and then place it in a container filled with water to allow the suction to fill the bladder with water.

Enter lubricant on the tip of the anal douche and to your anus and guide the jet cautiously. Experts recommend doing this over the toilet, in an angle that allows easy insertion, so that the process is clean and hygienic.

After the nozzle has been inserted, press the shower’s bellows so that the water is pushed into the rectum. The water gently cleanses you and removes any residue from the lower part of your rectum. Press the bellows gently to introduce the water slowly and firmly to increase the water flow. Start slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts. Many people have found that a slow approach to anal shower makes cleaning more comfortable.

Carefully remove the shower and keep the water in the body until you feel the natural need to excrete it. We recommend repeating the procedure several times until your discharge is clear and clean. You can better check this by flushing the toilet after a few passes.

Use only clean water in your anal shower. The water should be lukewarm and the temperature should be checked before use for safety reasons.

Use the anal shower for about 45 minutes before starting the anal play to ensure optimal cleanliness. Be patient and make sure your body has calmed down. Apply a little anal lubricant and allow yourself a little anal foreplay in the bathroom before going to the bedroom. This will help you to make sure that your body is ready.Showers can disturb the natural moisture balance of the anus. So be sure to use analgesics before you introduce anything.You need to adjust the angle of your body so that the tip of the shower fits easily. If you feel pain, stop immediately.

What is the difference between an anal shower and an enema?

The difference between an anal shower and an enema is the amount of water they use and how far they clean the anus. A shower, is ideal for beginners. Showers usually hold up to 400 ml of water and because they push out the water by hand, they are much easier to control.

An inlet is usually equipped with a bag that holds between 400 ml and 2 liters of water and ensures that the water automatically runs into the anus. Some inlet bags are equipped with adjustable valves so that you can control the inlet quantity. Injections often have a longer nozzle, which allows the water to penetrate deeper into your body than is the case with an anal shower because of the larger amount of water, enemas provide much more thorough cleaning, but are not essential.

What is an anal shower?

Before sexually entering the back door, it drives many worried about hygienic and aesthetic reasons, even if you have previously emptied after the desire for a thorough colon cleansing for anal shower.

Even with the use of a condom, the contact with feces is undesirable in many people especially during anal intercourse.

As children, we have learned that everything that “comes out the back” is “pooh”. Even adults can rarely speak relaxed about their excretions. Here is the possibility that in the eagerness of the sex fight something of the “pfui” slips, always there.

For some, that’s not a big deal, they wipe it off and it’s good. However, most users attach importance to the fact that the intestine (rectum) before the penetration (e.g. the play with anal plug† or the anal chain† with its anal beads) is subjected to a thorough colon cleansing.

Can I prevent the brown mishap?

This can be prevented by simple means, with a colon irrigation or anal rinse, for example. It is both simple devices in the trade as well as those that remind in their appearance of a buttplug, anal vibrator or anal dildo. An anal douche originally comes from the field of medicine. With her it is possible to clean the rectum from the inside anal-rinse, otherwise there is only limited access.

Anal rinse homemade

An injection syringe is a large syringe made of metal, glass or plastic up to approx. 200 ml liquid (rinsing liquid) capacity, with screw-on rinsing tip or on pluggable hose and rinsing tip.

The enema syringe is a pear syringe (pump ball) with a screw-on rounded tip, depending on the size of the ball to about 300 ml Liquid (rinsing liquid).

Enema syringe and introducer syringe are intended to absorb small amounts of suitable liquids (irrigation fluid) and to dispense them through the anus back into the rectum. The liquid thus introduced allows a flushing of the rectum. It can spontaneously come to “leaving”. So either stay in the shower or just sit on the toilet.

Application anal rinse with enema

Ideally, this is done with the enema sitting, slightly bent forward, and made over the toilet. At an angle that allows for easy insertion or you crouch down easily. It is better to initiate, the tube and the anus with lubricating cream or Vaseline rubbed and introduced rectally.

A sensitive pressure on the rubber body pumps the rinsing fluid into the rectum. If everything is in it, then do not relax the ball immediately, but only because of the lack of a check valve the pump ball kept holding out of the anus. If the pressure drops in the anus, liquid will flow back and contaminate the container.

The so introduced into the intestine flush should stay for 3-4 minutes in the intestine, and then get rid of everything on the toilet again. At the latest after the third time, the rinse should leave the intestine clear again, the cleaning is completed.

The whole thing is synonymous in the shower, with bowed upper body or kneeling, the upper body tilted forward. Man or woman can also lay flat on the back and pulls the bent legs to his ran. Under the Po push a small pillow, so that it is higher. Also, consider a waterproof pad, such as a plastic wrap.

Klyso pump – colon cleansing with irrigator pump and application

The Klysopump is similar in the application of the enema syringe; only on the pump ball on two sides opposite each seated a check valve. This is sucked when you release the pressed ball. And when pressed push the flush on the other side. In the application, you can follow the instructions for the enema syringe. With a Klyso pump you can make yourself comfortable enema. Such an irrigator – pump as a complete set you get in the pharmacy.

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The Anal Toy World: Exploring Different Options

Big butt plug is best suited to experienced anal careers. Its shape varies. T is traditionally peaked, and can be curved, with fancy relief. Large sizes start from 15 cm in length and about 5 in diameter, and huge traffic jams can go up to almost 19 cm.

In addition to the selection of the parameters of the working part, pay attention to the end of the plugclamps. They can be simple flat, they can be decorated options with fur tails, like the top rated fox tail anal plugs, and rhinestones are especially popular, possibly contain a chain or a ring, or even a suction cup.

Large anal plugs are able to deliver incredible pleasure with intense stimulation. In addition, they can be used not only for self-gratification, but also as an element of games in bed.

These toys can be divided into two categories: for beginners and for fans. Such devices for beginners allow you to explore the new zone and prepare it for penetration. This kind of goods for fans is more “professional” accessories, created to achieve an unforgettable orgasm. Large butt plugs whose dimensions can frighten beginners are not recommended for inexperienced people. For the butt plugs and hemorrhoids this is a very important matter.

Special material

Such toys are made of a special material that does not damage the fabric and does not harm a person with frequent use. They are easy to use, both with a partner and alone. Thanks to its special shape, the toy is easy to insert and pull out. It can be used to reduce the vagina and simulate certain points, as well as to achieve orgasm due to frictions. For the successful use of such things, be sure to get a special lubricant. It will not only allow you to safely enter such a sleeve, but also provide additional sensations due to the warming or cooling effect.

Huge Toys Are Popular

Huge butt plugs are in low demand due to their specificity. With successful and correct use of the accessory, you can achieve an unforgettable orgasm. Do not be afraid of huge goods, since human shelter has sufficient elasticity to use these accessories. Even with frequent use, the hole will bounce back. In addition, the use of such toys to strengthen the sphincter muscles and avoid most of the health problems associated with this issue.

Large selection of toys in the sex shop

In our online store you will find the best products from the category where it will be easy to buy a big butt plug in Kiev. They are made of high-quality and safe material that does not cause an allergic reaction and tissue damage. By contacting us, you will receive the best service, as well as guaranteed confidentiality. No one will ever know about your sexual preferences.

Buy big butt plugs

An excellent reason to diversify sex life

You can explore your body from different angles; try something new solo or with a partner. Such stimulation is recognized worldwide as an unforgettable experience, which must be approached wisely. By entrusting this delicate area to your partner, you will become much closer than before.

It is very simple to buy big butt plugs (great inlay plugs) in Kiev in the sex shop at a reduced price. You need to enter the page you like the product, read the description, characteristics and make a purchase. Sale and delivery is carried out throughout.

Anal pump, butt plug, butt plug are sex toys that can be used to make a difference in intimate life, prepare for anal sex and more vivid sensations during masturbation.

What Is Anal Plug For?

It is no secret that the first experience of anal sex often brings only disappointment, because, instead of pleasure, the girl often receives only painful feelings and subsequent discomfort. In this case, it is the butt plug that will allow you to learn to control your muscles and make the sphincter more elastic. This will allow not only delivering more pleasure to the partner, but alsothe main thingto learn to enjoy anal sex itself.

Any toy for caressing the anus has an expanding shape, which at the same time makes it easy to insert it into the anus and prevents it from penetrating too deep. The stopper is designed for longer wearing with the purpose of training the anal muscles, the sleevefor use during vaginal sex in order to enhance the sensations of the process.

Anal plug allows you to significantly narrow the vagina, which is especially important when a man is too small a member, and he can hardly give a woman pleasure. It adds a pleasant feeling to the guy himself, whose member touches soft flesh and feels the pressure of a solid metal or glass surface at the same time. To improve the effect you should pay attention to the sleeve with a ribbed or bumpy surface.

How to Use the Butt Plug

Before inserting anal toys into the corresponding hole, note that the anus does not release lubricant, so often only lubricants can make their use painless. Read more about this in the article “What kind of lubricant to use for anal sex.î

Butt plug or sleeve can be used not only to prepare for anal, but also to simulate double penetration. This is an excellent solution for those who are interested in BDSM, but do not dare to try out this kind of sex because of moral beliefs or the lack of a ìthirdî. In addition, the butt plug gives you the opportunity to get exactly the same pleasure without pain, which anal lovers are so often looking for, because the toy allows you to experience the erotic pleasure of being in contact with the nerve endings in the anus and at the same time does not cause pain due to the absence of frictions.

Anal Beads

Firstly, they are great for beginners, secondly, it will easily allow penetration for double entry, thirdly, you can playgently pulling out and smoothly introducing will help prepare the ass for a more serious fullness, fourthly, muscle training due to release compression at the time of penetration of the balls.

Anal Vibrator

Firstly, it helps to prepare the anus for member penetration, secondly, the progressive double entry, thirdly, it promotes anal orgasm; fourthly, it helps to overcome the fear of anal sex.

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Amateur BDSM: 6 Tips to Enjoy Bondage Sex

Even though some people still think that captivating their partner is very easy, a bondage session needs a more or less long and good preparation. This sometimes includes a visit to a bondage seminar, in which the participants of experienced bondage artists in the art of the right and accident-free! Shackles are taught.

If you have acquired basic knowledge, then you can start. But right before a session there is also a lot to consider and you should know clearly what is pegging. Take your time and let it take a rest. Disturbances are very unpleasant – and sometimes embarrassing!

Create a pleasant atmosphere and see that the room is not too cold. After all, the session lasts more than five minutes and especially if the partner is tied up naked, he can freeze quickly.

Put your bondage utensils ready and check them again for their suitability. For the seriousness federation do not forget scissors / key! If you work in the dark, you should also prepare a flashlight for emergencies. This is also very useful in the event of a power failure.

Agreed a codeword or – if the partner is gagged – a code character with each other and makes sure that the tied up, the code can also execute in the bondage visible! Finger snapping is rather impractical with thumb clamps, for example.

And not only the codeword, also basic expectations and limits in the game should be discussed in advance. So you avoid that from the desire very quickly frustration or worse. Sometimes like to forget the following: Stay away from alcohol and drugs! Both play partners should be sober and clear in mind. Drugs and alcohol can limit the ability to react, make people insensitive and disturb the perception – not only do they endanger the acting person, they also bring about artistic and emotional enjoyment.

Erotic Percussion Instruments: The Beat Paddle

Under paddle, also known as the English term paddle, percussion instruments are understood with a very wide impacting surface. They are usually made of either leather or wood and the material more or less flexible.

Application of the impact paddle

Due to the large surface, the power of the blow is distributed quite widely and is therefore less intense than, for example, a device that leaves a biting pain through its narrow shape. For this reason, impact paddles are often used to warm up the body surface before whip or cane is used. It is slammed only with moderate force, so that the circulation of the hit area increases. The use of snappier percussion instruments is subsequently much more pleasant. But even with the paddle you cannot handle without hesitation. If it is overheated too often, the tissue and surrounding nerves can be damaged temporarily or even permanently. The region is then hardened and numb. Therefore one speaks also of so-called “Leather butt”.

However, if you take care that your partner does not regularly carry evil bruises from the impact paddle, you can enjoy the pain with relish and without regret. The orgasm control is a sexual variety in which the orgasm is delayed either greatly or where it comes to a very quick satisfaction because unlike women, men can often only come to orgasm once and then need a break. A delay leads to a more intense orgasm.

In principle, one can perform the orgasm control in men and women. It is possible to control, delay, refuse or ruin the orgasm. Special sexual pleasure arises here, when the so-called tease and Denial is applied, whereby it always comes to an increase in pleasure, but the orgasm is not possible.

This is how orgasm control works in men

Mostly, orgasm control works only when the controlled partner is either very disciplined or when he is tied up so that he can no longer satisfy himself if the controlled person reaches the point shortly before the orgasm, usually only a few movements are enough by hand for example on the penis to reach orgasm. Shackles are a practical way to control orgasm.

Recognizing orgasm: In men, you recognize it by the fact that the penis begins to twitch briefly several times. That’s the sign that ejaculation starts right away. To recognize this, you can tightly enclose the penis with your complete hand and notice the twitching. When the time comes, simply stop further stimulation. Alternatively, you can see the ejaculation by the way, by pressing with your forefinger on the dam. This is the area between the scrotum and anus, where the prostate is located. If this area begins to twitch, that is a sign that the orgasm starts right away. Even better is the approaching orgasm when you insert two anal fingers and position them directly on the prostate. If the prostate twitches here, the orgasm begins.

Delaying orgasm: When the point is reached that the man comes to orgasm immediately, simply enclose the glands with your thumb and forefinger and press. As a result, the arousal decreases and the orgasm stop. You do this several times, arouse your partner until just before the climax and then do not let him come. Gladly the break between the masturbation is connected with pleasure pains, which indeed stimulate the controlled, but do not let him come to orgasm.

Ruining Orgasm: This is one of the nastiest forms of orgasm control is the ruining of orgasm. In this case, the controlled is so excited that he reaches the point-of-no-return, so that he will definitely come to orgasm. From this point, the orgasm is unstoppable. If the man is close to his orgasm, it can be ruined so that he no longer satisfies him. For this, the finger must be pressed with high pressure against the dam. As a result, the urethra closes and the seed cannot splash outward. Alternatively, two fingers may be inserted anally and the urethra pressed with the fingers near the prostate. The resulting effect is identical.

Orgasm refuse: Even meaner is to refuse the orgasm completely. So the orgasm is constantly delayed, but ultimately there is no ejaculation. Instead, the penis is locked in a chastity cage, so that masturbation is not possible.

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