5 Best Sex Toys to Use with Your Partner

Sex toys are generally all aids and items that can be used for sexual stimulation and / or satisfaction. However, that is a broad definition that also carries a lot of danger. Everyone knows the horror stories of experimental men and vacuum cleaners, which end with painful and highly distressing injuries. Here you could also speak of a sex toy. But you should desist from such a thing and rely only on sex toys, which were made especially for it and by professional providers are sold.

But even with this restriction, there is still an almost huge selection of Sex Toys. From masturbators like dildos and artificial vaginas or the so-called sex dolls for masturbation, over strap-on, restraints to massage oils, lubricants and condoms- all this is one of the sex toys. There are also best ropes for anal hooks are available.

Sex toys or sex toys have been around for a long time. For example, ancient vases are used to portray rites that use a variety of toys. Only they were not known under the name Sex Toys, but often disguised as “aids” and offered in the “shop for marital hygiene.” The name sex shop or erotic business or similar did not come into question at that time. Fortunately, times are changing and you can now call things by name without looking the other way.

TV series such as “Sex and the City”, many art house films but also every second Goethe performance in the theater or many commercials show that one is now more open with sex. Sexuality does not need to be hidden nowadays. Maybe you should not just talk about your porn DVD collection at the board meeting and not discuss your BDSM preferences with other parents in kindergarten – unless the other parents share your views. But having a vibrator, a couple of love balls, a whip for those games, a penis pump, or exotic massage oils at home is not really bad anymore. Proper hygiene is not allowed to find dingy, spoiled or dirty sex toys.

The prejudices that make masturbation blind, the use of dildos to rheumatism or even spinal cord shrinkage and what was not all for nonsense circulated, are scientifically refuted. However, there are also some things to note: As mentioned Sex Toys are not harmful to health (quite the contrary – an active sex life can even promote good health), but this applies only to quality products and not for home-made dildos or nipple clamps or the like. People come up with the craziest ideas and sometimes end up very painful.

Buying Sex Toys from different sources

Buy from dealers whose quality you trust and inform you. Incidentally, this can even end in couples quite tingling, even if you do not dare to a sex shop, but rather use the convenient and anonymous online store.

So Sex Toys are neither dingy, nor perverted, nor unhealthy – so there is no reason to do without it. Some people’s argument that they have a fulfilling sex life without any accessories, aids, or toys is just a fake argument. Because why should not you want to do something good even better whether alone or as a couple. This is exactly what the toys can do – to gain new nuances, new kick, and new intensity – for lovemaking. For example, with a penis ring for him, which strengthens his stamina or a vibrator for her or for mutual stimulation during foreplay? The massage oil and the scented candles for the romantic mood, the condom for security, also the shackles for enthralling love games, the baby doll that she wears to really give him a break, the penis pump gets the maximum out of it – with training effect! – The leather mask, for the more bizarre love games.

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Sex toys still have something dis-receptive about them. Video blogger Stephanie Tresch finds this stupid. So you do not have to buy the cat in a poke, she unpacks the We-Vibe Sync for you and gives advice for use.

So that the sex is also beautiful in long-distance relationships for both, there are things like the We-Vibe. The device can be controlled not only locally but also via app. But the fact is that the We-Vibe Sync can be operated in three places: on the vibrator itself, on the supplied remote control or via app for Apple iOS and Google Android. You can set the two clip sides of the U-shaped vibrator separately. Just as you like it.

What should be considered when using Analgesic plugs?

Since the anus is by far not as stretchy as the vagina, when using butt plugs caution and empathy is required so that it does not cause pain or even injury. A special lubricant is certainly helpful in this context.

Also to be considered are hygiene rules that apply to any type of sex toys, i.e. thorough cleaning and disinfection after use. If the anal plug is used by changing sexual partners, the use of an anal condom is definitely advisable in order to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Can the use of an anal plug be dangerous?

Butt plugs used with caution, a risk of injury is rather low. Since it is a sensitive body region, anal plugs should be used wisely, especially if the couple is still inexperienced and inexperienced with this technique. Injuries should definitely be avoided, because once it comes to a doctor’s visit is as unpleasant as inevitable and the healing may take some time.

Where can I buy a butt plug?

Anal plugs can be purchased at local sex shops as well as from online retailers, with a wide choice of models in terms of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. In fact, this is the kind of sex toy and the first thing I bought from LP.

For whom are anal plugs suitable?

As mentioned earlier, butt plugs are used by both women and men as they serve sexual stimulation as well as preparing for anal intercourse. Their employment is therefore practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. In general, anal plugs are flexible because they are used not only for anal intercourse but also in the context of vaginal intercourse or even oral intercourse.

In principle, Butt plug are therefore suitable for everyone, but it is important that both partners agree with the use and sensitively deal with this sex toy.

Are there any limitations or concerns with the application?

There are no restrictions on use, but inexperienced butt plugs should be used wisely, as both partners must first familiarize themselves with the use. Both should of course agree with this practice. As an accessory, a special lubricant is recommended.