4 Things to Know When Using Anal Shower

Anal sounds are extremely handy tools for fans of anal sex toys and anal sex. They clean the anus before penetration, ensuring that it is as clean and hygienic as possible. Not only does this guarantee that your games are always clean, it also alleviates any fears or concerns, so you can indulge in the pleasure of being at ease.

Analgesics flush water through the anus, which is then excreted again. So nothing is in the way of clean anal sex! Showers are available in different sizes and shapes, so there is something for everyone. The application is incredibly easy even the first time. You should also know Is it safe to anal douche?

Use of an anal shower

If this is your first anal cleansing, expert recommend that you start with an anal shower, such as bestseller, the Lovehoney basics Anal Shower.

Take the shower out of the packaging and rinse it to make sure it is clean. Then fill the bellows with lukewarm water. To do this, either removes the tip and holds the bellows directly under the faucet, or squeezes the bellows, and then place it in a container filled with water to allow the suction to fill the bladder with water.

Enter lubricant on the tip of the anal douche and to your anus and guide the jet cautiously. Experts recommend doing this over the toilet, in an angle that allows easy insertion, so that the process is clean and hygienic.

After the nozzle has been inserted, press the shower’s bellows so that the water is pushed into the rectum. The water gently cleanses you and removes any residue from the lower part of your rectum. Press the bellows gently to introduce the water slowly and firmly to increase the water flow. Start slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts. Many people have found that a slow approach to anal shower makes cleaning more comfortable.

Carefully remove the shower and keep the water in the body until you feel the natural need to excrete it. We recommend repeating the procedure several times until your discharge is clear and clean. You can better check this by flushing the toilet after a few passes.

Use only clean water in your anal shower. The water should be lukewarm and the temperature should be checked before use for safety reasons.

Use the anal shower for about 45 minutes before starting the anal play to ensure optimal cleanliness. Be patient and make sure your body has calmed down. Apply a little anal lubricant and allow yourself a little anal foreplay in the bathroom before going to the bedroom. This will help you to make sure that your body is ready.Showers can disturb the natural moisture balance of the anus. So be sure to use analgesics before you introduce anything.You need to adjust the angle of your body so that the tip of the shower fits easily. If you feel pain, stop immediately.

What is the difference between an anal shower and an enema?

The difference between an anal shower and an enema is the amount of water they use and how far they clean the anus. A shower, is ideal for beginners. Showers usually hold up to 400 ml of water and because they push out the water by hand, they are much easier to control.

An inlet is usually equipped with a bag that holds between 400 ml and 2 liters of water and ensures that the water automatically runs into the anus. Some inlet bags are equipped with adjustable valves so that you can control the inlet quantity. Injections often have a longer nozzle, which allows the water to penetrate deeper into your body than is the case with an anal shower because of the larger amount of water, enemas provide much more thorough cleaning, but are not essential.

What is an anal shower?

Before sexually entering the back door, it drives many worried about hygienic and aesthetic reasons, even if you have previously emptied after the desire for a thorough colon cleansing for anal shower.

Even with the use of a condom, the contact with feces is undesirable in many people especially during anal intercourse.

As children, we have learned that everything that “comes out the back” is “pooh”. Even adults can rarely speak relaxed about their excretions. Here is the possibility that in the eagerness of the sex fight something of the “pfui” slips, always there.

For some, that’s not a big deal, they wipe it off and it’s good. However, most users attach importance to the fact that the intestine (rectum) before the penetration (e.g. the play with anal plug† or the anal chain† with its anal beads) is subjected to a thorough colon cleansing.

Can I prevent the brown mishap?

This can be prevented by simple means, with a colon irrigation or anal rinse, for example. It is both simple devices in the trade as well as those that remind in their appearance of a buttplug, anal vibrator or anal dildo. An anal douche originally comes from the field of medicine. With her it is possible to clean the rectum from the inside anal-rinse, otherwise there is only limited access.

Anal rinse homemade

An injection syringe is a large syringe made of metal, glass or plastic up to approx. 200 ml liquid (rinsing liquid) capacity, with screw-on rinsing tip or on pluggable hose and rinsing tip.

The enema syringe is a pear syringe (pump ball) with a screw-on rounded tip, depending on the size of the ball to about 300 ml Liquid (rinsing liquid).

Enema syringe and introducer syringe are intended to absorb small amounts of suitable liquids (irrigation fluid) and to dispense them through the anus back into the rectum. The liquid thus introduced allows a flushing of the rectum. It can spontaneously come to “leaving”. So either stay in the shower or just sit on the toilet.

Application anal rinse with enema

Ideally, this is done with the enema sitting, slightly bent forward, and made over the toilet. At an angle that allows for easy insertion or you crouch down easily. It is better to initiate, the tube and the anus with lubricating cream or Vaseline rubbed and introduced rectally.

A sensitive pressure on the rubber body pumps the rinsing fluid into the rectum. If everything is in it, then do not relax the ball immediately, but only because of the lack of a check valve the pump ball kept holding out of the anus. If the pressure drops in the anus, liquid will flow back and contaminate the container.

The so introduced into the intestine flush should stay for 3-4 minutes in the intestine, and then get rid of everything on the toilet again. At the latest after the third time, the rinse should leave the intestine clear again, the cleaning is completed.

The whole thing is synonymous in the shower, with bowed upper body or kneeling, the upper body tilted forward. Man or woman can also lay flat on the back and pulls the bent legs to his ran. Under the Po push a small pillow, so that it is higher. Also, consider a waterproof pad, such as a plastic wrap.

Klyso pump – colon cleansing with irrigator pump and application

The Klysopump is similar in the application of the enema syringe; only on the pump ball on two sides opposite each seated a check valve. This is sucked when you release the pressed ball. And when pressed push the flush on the other side. In the application, you can follow the instructions for the enema syringe. With a Klyso pump you can make yourself comfortable enema. Such an irrigator – pump as a complete set you get in the pharmacy.