A Complete Guide to Choosing Your First Anal Vibrator

Before you ask yourself, which vibrator should become your new favorite toy, you should be clear, where you are most stimulated. You have the choice of four different types of vibrators, each of which is particularly well suited for specific body regions. These are your four categories:

Clitoral stimulation

Many women find their clitoris to be particularly pleasurable; most vibrators have their own function for the clitoris. However, there are also Love Toys, which are primarily intended for the direct stimulation of the clitoris. These stimulators are usually small, handy and ergonomically shaped. So you can just put them on the clitoris and let them unfold their magic there. Stimulators usually have different vibration levels and programs and are usually pleasantly quiet.

Only the best for your clitoris

Can you feel the vibes? A good stimulator focuses entirely on your clitoris. There are very many nerve endings together, so it is a particularly sensitive hotspot. Targeted stimulation of the clitoris often lets you feel your climax very intensively and for a long time. A good vibrator pampers your clitoris specifically with fine, intense vibrations.

Stimulator or vibrator – what is what?

Stimulators or massagers are more suitable for external use. You can use your massager not only for your intimate area, but also for general relaxation of the entire body for example, a pleasant massage between the shoulder blades.

The classic vibrator is shaped so that it can be inserted into the vagina. At the same time, it can also be applied externally. But you just lead him over your clitoris and enjoy the electronic pats. For the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, a rabbit vibrator is the toy of your choice. A Rabbit is a vibrator for insertion, with a small extra attachment for external stimulation of your clitoris.

Vaginal stimulation

The fact that the stimulation of the clitoris is perceived as particularly intense and pleasant does not mean that you should limit yourself to it. If you also enjoy the stimulation of your vagina, then a dildo or a vibrator is the toy of your choice. Particularly exciting could be a G-spot stimulator. This stimulator has a slight curvature that easily reaches your hotspot. For vaginal stimulation, you should pay particular attention to the size of your Love Toys – the choice depends entirely on your personal preferences.

The best vibrators for vaginal stimulation

You can divide love toys to stimulate the vagina in three main categories: classic vibrators, rod vibrators and lifelike vibrators or dildos. They are all best suited for vaginal stimulation. If you prefer additional stimulation of the clitoris, you should get a rabbit vibrator.

G-spot stimulation

Many women experience orgasms most intensely through clitoral stimulation. However, it can be very nice to additionally stimulate the vagina because you can also reach your G-spot, whose stimulation can lead to very intense climaxes. With a G-spot vibrator you have an easy game.

G-spot vibrators

The G point is approximately 5 cm beyond the vaginal entrance on the front wall of the vagina. In principle, you can stimulate it with any vibrator or dildo. With its curved tip, however, a special G-spot vibrator will still be a good match for your anatomy.

Anal stimulation

Not everyone likes it but anal intercourse can be perceived as very intimate and beautiful. In any case, newcomers should carefully approach the subject. Even gentle massaging of the anal area can be very erotic. In the anal area a lot of nerve endings come together. That’s why he’s usually very sensitive and erogenous. For an intense and pleasant stimulation of the anal area different toys are available – for you as well as for him. You should know how to use anal vibrator properly to avoid any mishap.

Vibrators for the Anal breach

Even if you can theoretically use an ordinary vibrator for the anal area, we would advise against it. Anal vibrators are slightly slimmer and can be inserted more gently than normal vibrators. But above all, hygiene plays a big role. Sexologists recommend that you no longer use the Love Toys you used for anal stimulation to stimulate other areas of the body. Take (despite thorough cleaning) rather for each body region own Love Toy – it is simply hygienic.

The classic among the Toys – The vibrator

He is a classic, pioneer and innovation symbol par excellence: The vibrator is one of the must-haves among sex toys. Whether solo or sex with your partner – he is the guarantee for the perfect stimulation and can be rediscovered again and again. If you are in love, you can expect a wide range of vibrators. You can choose between different sizes and equipment variants. Depending on the model, the vibrator is powered by batteries or rechargeable battery.

Always with you – the right size for every wish

A vibrator is an indispensable sex toy that gives you long-lasting pleasure. As individual as your preferences and needs, so large is the variety of shapes and models. Thanks to the large variety of love lust you do not have to go without the right vibrator on the go. Mini vibrator really fits in any handbag. Again, you can discover between different shapes and sizes your favorites. The classic vibrator has a smooth surface. In addition, a straight shape is chosen without additives. If you want to be stimulated additionally, the models with structure are the right choice. The surface is here provided with a striking feel. The vibrator with Rabbit arm can be used to stimulate the clitoris. For couples, they have with the pair vibrator a special vibrator on offer. He provides both with intense stimulation.

Easy search through our filters

In order to find a vibrator that fits perfectly with you, your partner and your wishes, they have facilitated your erotic mailings with filters. So you can, before you look at the individual products, choose the type of toy, but also the form of stimulation. Even the most important features can be defined in advance via the filters. All vibrator models that we have are characterized by an excellent quality. In addition to classic vibrators you will find in our range:

  • Double vibrators
  • Vibrators with stimulating structures
  • Handy mini-vibrators
  • Rabbit vibrators

To know more about Vibrators, go here.

Long enjoy your vibrator

If you use lube, you should make sure that it is water-based. If you also have the right Toy cleaner on hand, then there is nothing in the way of pleasure. If you want to buy a vibrator, then take some time to get to know our diverse product range. Each vibrator we deliver quickly and discreetly to your home. You want to know more about vibrator? Then have a look in adult magazine, there you will find a review about the different vibrator types and their function.

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