Top 4 Anal Sex Toys and How to Use Them

Butt plug and chafing is one of the most popular sex toys, and on the other hand is one of the most delicate. Cork is considered the best choice for beginners and for those who are already experienced. There are a number of tips that will simplify getting used to the toy and allow you to get maximum pleasure even to the most unsophisticated person in such matters.


The anal opening by the nature for sex is not intended; therefore it does not allocate the greasing. Accordingly, in order to get the maximum pleasure, it is recommended to get a lubricant. Especially when you’re banging dolls or a sex robot if you like. If you lubricate the working surface of the cork with a special lubricant and do not forget to add it directly to the anus, then there will be much more pleasant sensations, and most importantly, the cork will be much easier to insert. The use of lubricant significantly reduces pain and the risk of micro cracks and micro traumas.


It is very important to follow the rules of not only personal hygiene, but also the hygiene of toys. Since not everyone likes and is comfortable to do the clipping before using the toy, it is necessary to wash it regularly and process it either with a special toy cleaner. You can also put a condom on the cork.


The most important thing is not to rush. It is necessary to introduce and remove the anal plug with extreme caution and in no case do it abruptly, since a sharp expansion of the sphincter muscles can lead to micro cracks and even tears. The anal plug should be inserted smoothly and gradually, preferably using a lubricant. It is not necessary to immediately introduce it completely; you can do it in several steps so that the body has time to get used to the presence of a foreign object.

Cork as decoration

A number of anal plugs suitable for permanent wear. The toy with constant wear is not only a peculiar decoration, but also works as a simulator for the muscles of the anus, relaxing and preparing them for safe and pleasant anal sex. The main thing is not to forget about the rules of hygiene!

Pose selection

The most comfortable posture is the so-called “knee-elbow” – when you are on all fours with slightly spread legs. However, do not forget about the variety – you can try to lie on your back, put a small pillow under the tail bone and spread your legs wide. By the way, this position is suitable not only for the introduction of the anal plug, but also for anal sex. And another option is to squat. In all three poses there will be completely different sensations, so we advise you to try everything!

Butt plug – is one of the most delicate sex toys to stimulate the anus. That is why this device is considered the best choice for beginners in anal pleasures. However, even such a simple and safe toy must be properly used.

Butt plug – terms of use: There are a number of recommendations, following which you can learn to use the butt plug with maximum safety and efficiency. Let’s get acquainted with some very useful tips that will be useful to all ladies who are not experienced in anal toys. But first, you need to secure yourself with butt plugs such as these.

  1. Lubrication.

Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot secrete a natural lubricant. Yes, it is not surprising, because this physiological hole is not provided for the introduction of anything into it. Thus, if a girl still wants to get pleasure from anal stimulation, then she also needs to get a lubricant. Having treated the working surface of the anal plug with a special lubricant, a woman can easily insert a toy from her anus and without any unpleasant sensations. If the use of grease is rejected, even the penetration of such a delicate toy as an anal plug can cause extremely unpleasant sensations and even micro trauma.

  1. Caution.

As already mentioned, the anus is not provided for the penetration into it of any objects. Therefore, when introducing the anal plug and when removing it, care must be taken. Most importantly, do not accelerate their movements and act smoothly and measured. The plan is this: first, we introduce the anal plug just a couple of centimeters and let it jump out by itself, gradually introducing the plug all the time, deeper and deeper – let the body get used to the foreign body.

  1. Without restrictions

Butt plugs of all models are designed for prolonged use and not only in the shower or bed. In order to enjoy as long as possible, a girl cannot take a toy out of herself, even doing household chores, walking, etc. The benefit of the device is completely unnoticeable under the clothes. In addition, often the butt plug is used as the first simulator for the development of the anus before anal sex. And for the maximum effect of such exercises, a woman should spend as much time with this toy as possible. After all, butt plug not only brings pleasant sensations, but also relaxes the anus. Therefore, the introduction into it of the penis after a long use of the device will be much easier.

  1. Pose is our everything

The choice is yours, but the following three poses are traditionally convenient: On all fours (doggie style); Lying on your back with legs apart, under the back we put a small pillow; Squatting.

  1. Hygiene

The main thing to ensure clean, clean after each use and it is better to disinfect. For those who especially care about their health – a banal condom. Put it on the stopper and stay healthy.

More information about how to use butt plugs is available here.

Do not put yourself in both holes

No matter how much you’ve prepared your anal, the anus and rectum certainly contain bacteria that have nothing to look for in the vagina. In porn, tongues, toys and penis go out of one hole and enter the other, but in real life, such a thing can cause an infection. If something goes into the bottom, first wash and then use it in other situations.

Do not forget about hugs

Anal sex can be an intense experience, especially if your partner is a beginner, so do not forget to pay much attention and care.