Why you should not be scared of wearing a Ben Wa Ball?

Most people don’t know what ben wa balls are full. These ben wa balls are first of all known by a lot of names. They are known as love eggs, love balls, kegel balls and more. If you insert them in your vagina and then hold them in then you will be able to strengthen the right vaginal muscles. Many people are scared of using them and these are the most common reasons why:

  • The fact that these balls have to inserted into the vagina and there’s nothing to pull them out except a string.
  • Many people read all-over the internet that these balls can be used (which means that they can be put in and kept in the vagina) while doing everything from going to grocery shopping to going to the gym.
  • The uncertainty of whether these little marble-sized balls can even initiate sexual pleasure.
  • The uncertainty of whether these little balls can be used for tightening the vaginal walls.

All of these are very valid reasons for being wary of Ben wa balls, especially since there’s no proper scientific proof that backups the claims of vaginal tightening and sexual simulation. But if you are willing to try out these things then there’s a way you can begin. After all, the way to dispel myths and fears is to try the thing out and this is one thing which you can do using this toy.

How to begin using Ben wa balls?

  • If it’s your first time then go with a small set. Some of the small ones come in three different sizes and weights. This means that you will be able to pick and choose which feels good to you. As a beginner, it’s always advised that you begin with the smallest one and allow your body to get adjusted to the weight and feel of the toy. You can start by viewing these ben wa balls from https://lovegasm.co/collections/ben-wa-balls, and see if something appeals to you.
  • If you feel like you don’t like the sensations then there’s a string or a retrieval loop that can use to pull the balls out of your vagina. (There’s an important lesson here- make sure to always buy these balls with these strings or loops). But if you do love the sensations then you can proceed to the next weighted ball.
  • After you have tried the first or beginner pair of balls and feel comfortable using them then you can search for what you are looking for. Know that there are both larger but lighter Ben wa balls available for beginners as well. These are easier to hold in obviously as your vaginal muscles are not putting in that much effort to keep the balls in.

Note: it’s always advised that you choose a retrieval loop that isn’t made of string. It’s ideal if you use it for loops which are made from safe materials like silicone.

How to clean the ben wa balls?

Remove the balls from the packaging it came in. Then clean those little balls thoroughly by using hot soapy water which is fragrance-free. You can also use a sex toy cleaning spray. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly before and then after you are done using it. This will prevent you from contaminating your vagina as well as other places in your house. This cleaning process might also keep you safe from transmitting or contracting STI and other harmful bacteria.

How to insert these kegel balls?

  • First, make sure that there’s a lot of lube. It will be better if it’s water-based, especially if you are using it for the first time. Then slowly put the first Ben wa ball inside by slowly pressing it against your vaginal opening till it slides inside.
  • You will find that there’s a little stick or space of silicone in between the first ball and the other. You should slowly push this one in as well before trying to press the second ball inside just like you did with your first.

Tips for using kegel or Ben wa balls

  • There’s no need to be afraid once the balls are inside. If you want and if you are ready then you can push the little balls in even further.
  • Make sure that the removal loop for re Ben wa balls remains outside your vagina.
  • Know that your body will automatically try to hold in the balls. Many people think that it will automatically fall out. But that’s not the case and your vagina walls and try to hold it in.
  • See if you can stand and then walk with them inside. If you are then slowly and gradually use them to while you are going about your daily work. Go to work, travel by bus and do everything you can while wearing these. Know that the more you will use them and move around, the more stimulation you are going to get.
  • When you are done using them then gently pull on the loop to pull the toy out. You should be lubricating the vaginal entrance before doing so. This will prevent any unnecessary accidents and pain.

How can to use these during sex?

These balls are said to be incredibly arousing to use during sex. If you want to see if that the case or try it out then you should do the following:

  • Be prepared and use them around one hour approximately before you are going to have intercourse. Insert them normally by using the procedure described above. Allow the gentle movements of the balls inside to key you up as foreplay.
  • If you like anal sex then you will like the sensations these Ben wa balls give you. You will have to wear them while you are being penetrated anally. What will happen is that the sensation of that will be increased by the shape and firmness of the kegel balls inside. Along with this, the pressure and stimulation of the penetration will push the Ben wa balls quite firmly against your most sensitive spot. This will allow the weight of the balls to massage your inner vaginal muscles.

Hopefully, this knowledge will stop you from being scared to use them and make you a little better informed about its uses.