Male chastity device: Advantages of locking your partner

Let’s face it — cock cages are fun and exciting. Used mainly in BDSM relationships, male chastity devices can make even the dullest of men horny beasts due to a lack of erections and masturbation. However, it’s not just about that. The chastity lifestyle is great if the two of you are into torture and femdom. Here are several reasons why you should try it.

Many more orgasm for you

There’s a common misconception that women can only reach orgasm through penetration. That is simply not true. Moreover, vaginal orgasms are the rarest, and only a few women can experience them. But if you put your husband in chastity, the two of you will be looking for other, more productive ways for you to come.

A cock cage means that he’ll need to use fingers, sex toys, and give head more often. All these methods mean more orgasms — clitoral, anal, and nipple orgasms! Everything will be about you and your pleasure. If that doesn’t sound right, well, we don’t know what does. As far as we are concerned, it’s only time women get more attention, and male chastity is all about that.

There will always be romance

It’s easy to assume that wearing a chastity device removes any romance between two people. But in reality, that isn’t the case. A lock and key can encourage more intimacy for couples. The thing is, less penetration means more snuggling, kissing, and laying by each other’s side, talking about everything and nothing.

Romance isn’t just sexual intercourse. It’s caring for one another, listening, and sharing ideas about life and your relationship. Hence, restricting sex isn’t a bad thing. It’s a great way to make your hubby more attentive. On the other hand, true romantics will always put their lady’s needs in front of theirs and try to please them.

Better sex life

Another benefit of male chastity is that it will eventually improve your sex. The way this works is by keeping him locked long enough that he becomes so desperate to finally come out and devour your body. Not only that, but he’ll be more caring while he begs for you to use the key and let him out. It’s simple tease and denial stuff, yet it works like a charm.

Furthermore, cock cages affect sexual tension. Being locked up for a long time will only increase a man’s will to have sex in the end. In the end, the release will be one hell of an experience as it rewards both of you. It will be a special occasion, which you’ll remember for years after. Moreover, it will make you lock him up once again.

No more paranoia

It’s not uncommon for both men and women to fear their partner might be having an affair with someone else. Unfortunately, this seems to be a prevalent problem these days with all the social media apps and their horny likes and favs. In turn, this fear leads to paranoia, and that can break even the strongest of couples.

However, chastity is all about staying loyal to the keyholder — the dominant woman. Incorporating it into your private life can save you from all those sleepless nights full of wondering where he is and with whom. Even if he tries something stupid, he won’t be able to take his penis out of the cage without the key.

You have the power

Nothing says female supremacy better than male chastity. Putting your man under the lock will make him a slave, serving you and your power. That can lead to numerous kinky scenarios of exchanging sexual energies. For example, you can tease him with your dildo and watch porn videos of studs plowing a petite lady while he sits motionless. 

On the other hand, make him go around on all fours while wearing girly clothes. That will make him uncomfortable and worthless. Moreover, it will tempt him to masturbate and release frustration, but he won’t be able to because of the cage. Just picture him trying to reach his penis between the bars, longing for one good stroke.

Nevertheless, you can role-play as his horny stepdaughter that’s all naughty and lewd, teasing his manhood whenever she sees him. Lurk around the house naked, wink at him at inappropriate times, or sext him while you’re having dinner with friends. Either way, enjoy the power you have over him, no matter the scenario.

More confidence

Dominance and submission can be rather helpful in making you feel good about yourself. There’s no doubt about it. The reason is simple — he will act like you’re his goddess and long for your approval and his eventual release. Such power exchange will make sex when you unlock the cage unforgettable for both.

Your confidence will skyrocket with a begging man next to you, hoping for recognition with your every step. It’s similar to being the only woman in the company of men, as they all compete against each other for your attention. No matter how attractive or not she is, they’ll all hop around and behave like morons just to have a brief one-on-one with you.

Always remember

Everything we’ve mentioned above is only great if there’s consent involved. Just like for any other relationship out there, a Dom/sub one needs joint effort to work. Otherwise, it won’t be long before one of you quits.

Kinks are great fun, but they can make or break a relationship if you don’t prepare yourself properly. That means communication, sharing, and aftercare are essential for these high-caliber toys from LG shop to provide you with fun and satisfaction.

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The not-so secrets of a lasting marriage

If you’ve ever wondered how some people stay married for 50+ years, we’ll reveal their secrets. Well, they’re not exactly secrets. We all know we should practice these things with our partners. In case you need a reminder of what makes any relationship strong in the long haul, take a look at our list of relationship advice.

Understand Compromise

One of the main things in all kinds of long-term relationships is compromise. All happy couples know that if you don’t compromise, the relationship will go south fast. Some people don’t have a clear understanding of what this means, so allow us to break it down for you.


Compromising in relationships doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice and give things up. It simply means you occasionally sit down and hear your partner out. The important thing is to make everyone involved feel heard and understood. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to make a decision together.

This is where most people assume it’s time to give something up, but think of it this way — you don’t have to insist on watching a scary movie if it makes your partner feel uncomfortable. That’s what compromise is all about — making a decision that will benefit both partners.

Show Emotion and Be Vulnerable

One of the foundations of a long-lasting relationship is being emotional, open, and honest with your partner. How so? Sharing emotions is how humans connect. So you’re closing the distance between you and your partner by simply sharing how you feel. However, this is easier said than done for a lot of people.


Whatever the reason for not sharing your emotions may be, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to trust your partner with them. Of course, your partner needs to show you that they won’t take advantage of your vulnerability. On the other hand, you have to do the same for them.


Being vulnerable with each other won’t only set a good foundation for your relationship, but it will also make you trust one another. Sharing emotions isn’t enough though. Expect your partner to show empathy and help you deal with those emotions. Why? Because you’ll do the same thing in return.

Trust Fully in Your Spouse

As we know now, trust can come through sharing emotions and being vulnerable with each other. On the other hand, trust can also come naturally. We’re not only talking about you trusting that your partner won’t cheat on you. Still, that is one of the big things that people are usually afraid of.


You shouldn’t be paranoid the moment you step into a relationship. In fact, many married couples fear infidelity because they think their partner will get bored of them at some point. All you need to do is give your significant other the benefit of the doubt. You’ll be quick to realize that things aren’t that scary at all.

At the same time, this isn’t all that trust is about. You should try to trust that your partner will love and keep you safe for a long time. This means that they will care for your wellbeing and contribute toward it. Putting yourself in someone else’s hands like this can be scary. In time, though, everything is achievable. Don’t give yourself petty reasons why you should doubt your partner. Try believing in their good intentions instead.

Show Physical Affection

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Plus, not all people prefer a verbal kind of love language. At times, you just have to get physical. Of course, that doesn’t only include sex, but sex is definitely one of the main things most relationships need. However, other small ways of showing physical affection are also appreciated.


By showing affection on a regular basis, you’re ensuring further connection with your partner. Don’t you feel wanted and loved by your partner whenever they express affection through physical touch? Everybody feels that way! If public displays of affection make you uncomfortable, we’re not saying you should do it everywhere and at all times.


A simple caress here and there can be more than enough. Yes, holding hands is a part of showing physical affection as well. So you can keep the spicy stuff between the two of you, but keep in touch (literally!) to ensure your partner always knows you love and support them.

Respect One Another

We’ll be honest and say that sometimes, it’s hard to respect your partner. It’s true! Sometimes, they have different views or opinions that directly oppose yours. This is when you find yourself holding back to the best of your ability to avoid an unnecessary argument. However, these difficult times are exactly the ones that require respect the most.


You shouldn’t only respect your significant other as a partner but as an individual as well. This goes hand in hand with compromising. How so? Well, you have to respect someone enough to be able to sacrifice and compromise for them. With that in mind, respect is one of those things that can slip our minds occasionally.


We should also remind our partners that we respect them. This will make them feel more loved and appreciated because they’ll know that you will have their back in the most difficult times. Everyone appreciates a reminder like this from time to time, so expect it from your significant other as well.

Appreciate Each and Every Moment of Your Time Spent Together

Being appreciative means nothing unless your partner knows it. You don’t always have to tell them you appreciate them; sometimes, you can also show it. So how do you do that? By being present whenever you’re together.


Some people find this difficult, but practice makes perfect. All you need to do is give them your undivided attention. Put your phone down, switch the TV off, listen to them closely, and engage in conversation. Leading by example will make your partner strive to do the same, and that’s how you ensure that both of you enjoy the quality time you spend together.

Be Best Friends

Keep in mind that your spouse isn’t just your spouse. You might have been friends before you fell in love, and we suggest you never lose that friendship. This will ensure the longevity of your relationship.


Being able to gossip together, share a funny story, laugh, cry, and do all the things friends would do can make your relationship so much stronger. That’s why you should never see your spouse as just that. They’re your best friend too, and they will have your back no matter what. In turn, you should always be there for them too.

Make Your Marriage a Priority in Life

Lastly, one of the best marriage advice we can give you is to always put your marriage first. At times, this can make your friends or family members mad. Why? Because you’re prioritizing doing things with your partner instead of hanging out with friends or helping your family. Of course, there needs to be a healthy balance. So we’re not saying you should forget about all other people in your life. All we’re saying is that you need to know who comes first.


At the end of the day, your spouse is your life partner. You always come back home to them, so it would be silly to prioritize someone else over them. You two have devoted your lives to one another, vowing to always be there for each other. This is why maintaining a happy marriage should always be your priority.


This means that times when you made decisions on your own are long gone. Don’t forget to always consult your partner because just as they are your main priority, you will be theirs as well. Married life is about unity after all, and you need to learn to work as a team.


Most of these things are something we already know. However, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of what makes a marriage so strong and long-lasting. As years go by, it’s easy to forget how you got to where you are in the first place.

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